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BoardClic allows boards to track performance, alignment and composition over time – enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve their full potential.

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Boards are a demanding audience. So we are very proud of our world-class Net Promoter Score (90)* and the value we are creating for our customers.

* NPS is an internationally recognised metric to evaluate customer loyalty and satisfaction. The score can range from a low of -100 to a high of 100. Above 30 is a good NPS and the average for B2B SaaS companies is around 36.

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We will help you strive for value creation and business success.

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Company Secretary

Use insights to support your stakeholders and mitigate administration.

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Active Owner

Use data to drive stakeholder value and watch your company succeed.

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Improve leadership 

When evaluating your board, you will generate clear feedback on  its performance and effectiveness. By looking back, you will know how to move forward. When you evaluate your board and chair, you will identify priorities, clarify strategic objectives, and strengthen your  organisation’s leadership.

Turn insights into actions

​Your evaluation provides clear and easy-to-understand results, which you can transform into powerful insights. Compare the data using our wealth of benchmark data to gain an edge on the competition. Pinpoint the most critical challenges, turn them into actions , and take your board to the next level.

Elevate board governance

Building trust in your organisation is essential for creating a successful board. Deploy open communication and transparency to breed trust in the board as well as your entire organisation. Listen to your members and give them all a voice, and identify missing skills and competencies as you craft the best team possible. 

What our customers say

BoardClic offers a unique and easy-to-use analytics platform, helping companies future-proof their corporate governance. But don’t take our word for it. Listen what our customers have to say about their experience using BoardClic.

BoardClic is a powerful catalyst to get a transparent and sound discussion going at the board level.

Patrik Tigerschiöld

Chair, Bure Equity

We are delighted with the whole process of using BoardClic for our board evaluations. They are fast, efficient and provide us with fantastic insights into our board work.

Carla Smits-Nusteling

Chair, Tele2

BoardClic allows us to generate value-creating insights that make decision-making an informed process.

Laurent Leksell

Chair, Elekta

A unique tool for ESG Assessment

Realise undiscovered opportunities

In today’s world, forward thinking boards must make sure that the company has a structured ESG strategy with the top team working towards the same goal. The ESG Maturity Assessment allows boards to identify ESG strengths and weaknesses, increase alignment regarding ESG efforts and pave the way towards sustainable growth and progressive business opportunities.

Meeting Software

Optimise your meetings with Meeting Express

Meeting Express is our meeting software, where you will discover a quick and secure way to collect real-time feedback after board or committee meetings, identifying strong points and development areas for the board.

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