Why BoardClic?

Why BoardClic?

Why BoardClic?



23 Oct 2019

23 Oct 2019

Why should you choose boardclic as your assessment solution?

You’re the chair of a board. You have surrounded yourself with the most competent of board members. Your CEO is seasoned and passionate. However, before you can optimise these skillsets and achieve synergy, you realise you have to establish a so-called alignment of interest between everyone in the organisation – including the shareholders. This alignment is at the forefront of the company, from the shareholders to the board members, in order for everyone to efficiently strive and work towards a common goal.

The one way to go about this issue is, as you find out, to conduct an assessment of the top team in your organisation. It’s becomes clear that evaluating the different key people in your company will create transparency and subsequently deliver a basis to conduct your board work from going forward.

After a bit of research, you are presented with a dilemma – how do you find a knowledgable, user friendly and cost-efficient solution that can deliver both complicity and simplicity at the same time?

The answer is right in front of you: BoardClic.

BoardClic is a SaaS company that is unprecedented in digitalising the board-room by creating smart assessments of Board of Directors, CEOs and management teams – achieved through adopting a user centric design approach and a data-driven process.

Our proven concept and well-established questions provide the tools and resources needed to identify, and subsequently act on, areas of improvement within top teams.

Knowledgeable and cost-efficient

With BoardClic, we have made it possible to access over 25 years’ experience with just the click of a button. We have unrivalled, industry-specific market intelligence, with over 280 concluded assessments and more than 8000 board related interviews under our belt. We proudly call ourselves governance experts.

Being a fully digital solution, BoardClic has allowed us to extend this expertise to our customers for a fraction of the average assessment market price.

User friendly

BoardClic has been designed with only you, the customer, in mind. With us, you can forget the difficulty of attempting to comprehend a consultative assessment on your own. The platform provides full self service paired with a user-centric development approach.

Our surveys are easy to use and our reports provide visually compelling and explanatory information, which results in a smooth user journey – from start to finish.

Every step along the way, from signing up to interpreting your results, have been streamlined and modernised.

Complexity and simplicity

We believe that complexity can be delivered with simplicity.

We developed BoardClic’s algorithm to automatically calculate your responses and instantly present them as soon as all participants have completed a survey, in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Subsequently, we created smart assessments – meaning the results are dynamic whilst the interactive elements of the platform allow the users to analyse them as they wish.

Within this smart report you can deep-dive into the responses given, giving you a comprehensive view of the priorities within your top team – right at your fingertips. It lets you compare answers between participants for each question or chapter, or even with industry standards and evaluations from previous years, made possible through our calculated BoardClic Index.

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