Board EvalUation

Build Your Strongest Board

Regular evaluations with a powerful digital tool is critical to building sound corporate governance and stakeholder value. Gain an edge on competition as you align board members with business objectives and priorities – and each other.


Improve as a leader

Generate clear feedback on your performance as a chairman. Lead your team more efficiently. Identify priorities and clarify strategic objectives.

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Build exemplary governance

Open communication and transparency breed trust in your organisation. Identify missing skills and competencies as you craft the best team possible.


Turn insight into action

Clarify strategic objectives. Use our wealth of benchmark data to gain an edge on your competition. Pinpoint critical challenges and make them action points.

Key features

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Use BoardClic data to put director performance into context. Establish an objective baseline and follow trend over time.

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Interactive reports

Create intuitive reports to display a wide view or drill down in specific areas. The reports are available in the platform, but can also be shared as a PDF.

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Ground-breaking content

Surveys are designed for your industry with formats based on your company structure. Choose from our best practice templates of customize your own.

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