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Digital Board Evaluation

Build your strongest board

Regular evaluations with a powerful digital tool is critical to building sound corporate governance and stakeholder value. Gain an edge on competition as you align board members with business objectives and priorities – and each other.

Digital CEO Evaluation

Establish Excellence

A regular, data-driven CEO evaluation is the best way for a board to assess top-team performance and alignment. Identify strengths that underpin value with an objective feedback loop. Uncover areas for improvement and highlight where complementary skills will drive growth.

Boardclic Express

The pulse in the boardroom

Real-time feedback on the effectiveness of board and committee meetings can be critical in optimising the board’s impact. Discover a quick and secure way to collect feedback after board or committee meetings, identifying strong points and development areas. Used regularly, results underpin a board culture of continuous improvement that generates meeting efficiency and trust among members.

BoardClic Consulting services

Our advisory practice offers services such as consulting, review planning, interviews, analysis, presentations and reports. With deep industry knowledge and professional experience we offer everything your company needs to manage and execute lasting change and corporate governance excellence in the boardroom.


Realize the full potential of performance

Unlock your management’s ability to create lasting value and deliver on company strategy. Measure how your team fosters a climate of innovation and aligns with company sustainability ambitions. Get management working together to achieve their full potential.