What a year — 2020 in review — BoardClic product updates and feature highlights

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17 December, 2020
Article by: BoardClic

What a year it has been! Just like many others, we at BoardClic have had to adjust to the times the year 2020 has brought to us. Nevertheless, we have been working relentlessly on improvements and updates based on customer feedback.

Product update highlights

This year has been productive for BoardClic; we have developed and released more than 100 updates. Here are the most exciting highlights:


  • Flexible survey roles
  • Different access levels to evaluation reports
  • Product packages with various evaluation formats and level of report details
  • BoardClic Meeting Express for collecting feedback after board meetings
  • Comparing results over time for all evaluation types
  • Flexible tool for creating downloadable presentations and sharing evaluation results
  • Branding reports and evaluations for partners and enterprise customers
  • All evaluations are available in Swedish now
  • New user interface design tested and proved by our own board
  • Constant security and performance updates

Updates to key product features

One of the key product features at BoardClic is the ability to customize your output. You can hide items or entire slides, create different versions, present your report live in full-screen mode, even download your presentation as a PDF.

We believe in transparency, and with our tools users can easily customize the level and amount of details in their reports while still preserving transparency.


An improved user interface

Less clutter, more insights; in the past year, we’ve given our product a facelift for an improved user experience.

Continuous improvement

We are determined to keep improving our product! Here are some highlights:

  • 216 tasks closed
  • 205 bugs squashed
  • 1620 commits
  • 120 000 rows of code added
  • 141 version updates

Thank you and stay tuned for more!