BoardClic Launches New Product For Director Peer Evaluation

BoardClic is the leading digital platform for board and CEO evaluations. Our powerful digital platform allows boards to track performance, alignment and composition over time – enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve their full potential.

24 August, 2021
Article by: BoardClic

Peer evaluations are on the rise. Having a structured process for individual director feedback can prove useful when considering the composition and performance of the board. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we have launched a new product as part of our BoardClic universe: Peer Review.

BoardClic is a SaaS company with a market-leading platform that provides unrivalled benchmarking and qualitative insights on performance and transparency to align board and management teams. Since our start in 2018 we have developed products for Digital Board Evaluations, CEO Evaluations, and post-meeting pulse surveys through Meeting Express.

By launching Peer Review, we are now extending our product portfolio to provide an even more holistic view of the board’s performance and effectiveness.

Peer Review can be used either as a standalone or fully integrated into the annual board evaluation. It lets you measure individual director performance, benchmark both internally and externally, and ultimately drive board excellence.

By incorporating Peer Review in your board evaluation process, you can:

  • Recognise top performers and show how colleagues value their contributions.
  • Create alignment and keep expectations and priorities clear between board members.
  • Identify competencies needed to complement existing board members and improve board composition.

Are you ready to take your board evaluations to the next level by introducing peer reviews? Visit our page to learn more or contact us for a personalised demo.