BoardClic webinar replay: Board effectiveness in a digital world

15 December, 2020
Updates | Board Evaluation | Corporate Governance
Article by: BoardClic

Watch our recent webinar on board effectiveness in a digital world on demand.


Board effectiveness in a digital world webinar – 10 dec 2020

Recent research shows compliance with the UK corporate governance code is declining, and over 40% of firms are struggling to meet the FRC’s requirements. But does this reflect reality, or is it a problem with how compliance is assessed and reported in a complicated and ever-changing world?

Grant Thornton’s latest Corporate Governance Review findings show:

Only 6% of firms measure progress against their purpose.
Only 4% indicate the long-term impact of Board decisions on stakeholders.
Only 18% report on Board dynamics.
As the board effectiveness season looms, how are you thinking about these issues and how will you be measuring and evaluating your board in this new digital world?

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