BoardClic Hires Tech Lead to Power Product Innovation

BoardClic Welcomes New Tech Lead

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28 May, 2021
Article by: Monica Lagercrantz

At BoardClic, we know that our business is only as good as our employees. Team members who take ownership for their work don’t just help us and our customers prosper, they infuse everyone else with a sense of purpose.

And their can-do attitude is catching.

If the people that work here are the brains of BoardClic, then the technology we’re using to upend and digitalize our sector is the heart. As we add to our suite, as we improve the predictiveness of our software and as we inject our platform with deeper more strategic tools, our technology has to evolve.

That’s why it gives me great pleasure to tell you that we’ve hired a new tech lead, Johan Tell.

Johan has extensive experience as a developer and a leader of multifaceted technology platforms. He will be absolutely critical in allowing us to realize our ambitious product vision. With his formidable drive we’ll be able to ramp up product development and release more features faster. Our customers demand nothing less and are counting on us to keep innovating to help them stay ahead and translate insight into a roadmap for strategic corporate improvement.

Johan joins BoardClic from B2B SaaS company Universal Avenue.

Hi Johan and welcome to BoardClic!

– Thank you so much, it’s a pleasure to join the team.

What drew you to BoardClic originally?

– I’d say there were many reasons why BoardClic was appealing to me. The product itself is placing itself in a market that hasn’t seen much exploration which means there will be a lot of room for new ideas, concepts and opportunities. Taking part early in such a journey is always something I’ve wanted to do and after having experienced the pure passion from our founders I felt that it was a great fit for me!

What is your role at BordClic?

– I’ll be working as a tech lead, taking responsibilities around the technical parts of our products. That means taking part in all the steps of planning, building and maintaining features and generally put us on a trajectory that lets us keep doing good things for many years to come.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?

– I’m a person driven by quality and improvement with a goal to build helpful things that are delightful to use. Every day at work is another step towards that and feeling like I’ve made a difference no matter how small adds the fuel I need to keep going.

Monica Lagercrantz

Monica Lagercrantz

CEO & Founder