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Discover the Market-Leading ESG tool for Boards and Executive Teams

Discover the Market-Leading Evaluation Platform for Boards and Executive Teams

BoardClic’s ESG Maturity Assessment allows boards to identify ESG strengths and weaknesses, increase alignment regarding ESG efforts and pave the way towards sustainable growth and progressive business opportunities. Is your board ready to take ownership of the ESG agenda? Creating a more resilient and competitive business strategy.


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Why BoardClic?

Use our data-driven, cost- and time efficient platform to track top-level alignment and effectiveness.

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Best practice evaluation formats based on ownership structure, company size and local compliance codes.

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Global benchmarking from BoardClic’s database of 500+ listed, private, not-for-profit, and private equity companies.

Purpose-built technology

BoardClic is built with the boardroom in mind, specifically designed to help achieve board excellence.

“As a new user of BoardClic, I am most pleased with both the system and the support we have been given, as well as with the insights it gives on how we presently work and can continue to develop as a Board.”

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Unrivalled Market Intelligence

Our deep lake of data is based on decades of experience from the boardroom.


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