Peer Review

Measure individual director performance

Peer evaluations are on the rise. Having a structured process for individual feedback can prove useful when considering the composition and performance of the board. With the right reasons and the right tools, peer evaluations can truly help drive board excellence.

Recognise top performers

A peer evaluation helps recognise top performers and shows how colleagues value their contribution. That recognition could act as a catalyst for improved performance for the rest of the board.

Create alignment

Keep expectations and priorities clear between board members. Individual feedback also promotes alignment and lets board members address individual needs of different stakeholders.

Improve board composition

It serves a vital purpose for nomination committees as well. Peer evaluations can tell what competencies are needed to complement existing board members when recruiting a new director.

Key features


Use BoardClic data to put director performance into context. Establish an objective baseline and follow trend over time.

Interactive reports

Create intuitive reports to display a wide view or drill down in specific areas. The reports are available in the platform, but can also be shared as a PDF.

Ground-breaking content

Surveys are designed for your industry with formats based on your company structure. Choose from our best practice templates of customize your own.

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