ESG Maturity Assessment

Align your ESG efforts and realise undiscovered opportunities

In today’s world, forward thinking boards must make sure that the organisation has a structured ESG strategy with the top team working towards the same goal. The ESG Maturity Assessment allows boards to identify ESG strengths and weaknesses, increase alignment regarding ESG efforts, meet the reporting requirements of major ESG standards and pave the way towards sustainable growth and progressive business opportunities.

Unlock business opportunities

A sustainable business is an opportunity magnet. Get to the core of your sustainability and social vision for your company, and use it to attract the right talent, investors and partnerships. ESG is becoming one of the biggest differentiators between successful companies and unprofitable ones. Don’t get left behind.

Create Alignment

Without alignment, progression is nearly impossible. With our ESG Maturity Assessment, you’ll be able to quickly evaluate the degree of maturity and consensus at the board and C-suite level. Uncover impactful insights and steer the company in the right direction with complete focus as a winning team.

Identify areas of development

Address the areas with the most potential and start there. With an ESG Maturity Assessment, you access a strategic overview of your strengths, and identify where your focus is most needed. Evaluate 6 key areas, take control over your ESG efforts and measure your progress towards success.

Key Features

Highlight areas for action

You get a flag alerting you to a low score on critical questions to make sure you identify the right areas for focus going forward.

Quick and cost-effective

Get a quick and easy ESG assessment for a fraction of the cost of
hiring external experts.


Alignment Analysis

Get an instant overview on how aligned you are within the company on ESG issues and uncover the areas with the greatest potential.

What our customers say

BoardClic offers a unique and easy-to-use analytics platform, helping companies future-proof their corporate governance. But don’t take our word for it. Listen what our customers have to say about their experience using BoardClic.

As a new user of BoardClic, I am most pleased with both the system and the support we have been given, as well as with the insights it gives on how we presently work and can continue to develop as a Board.

Urban Funered

Chair, Swedsec

BoardClic helps me develop as a chair as we embark on an agenda of growth after implementing a new governance structure in our companies.

Lovisa Hamrin

Chair, Herenco

BoardClic is a powerful catalyst to get a transparent and sound discussion going at the board level.

Patrik Tigerschiöld

Chair, Bure Equity

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