CEO Evaluation

Establish Excellence

A regular, data-driven CEO evaluation is the best way for a board to assess top-team performance and alignment. Identify strengths that underpin value with an objective feedback loop. Uncover areas for improvement and highlight where complementary skills will drive growth.

Get aligned now

Keep the board and the CEO on the same page. Get insights on operational impact and leadership effectiveness with objective feedback.

A predictable, transparent process will help a CEO reach full potential.

Data-driven, not subjective

Avoid costly CEO turnover with insights on leadership effectiveness. Find out where a proactive hire will compliment existing skill sets.

An objective, science-based process keeps a good CEO in the job for longer.

Spotlight effectiveness

Let our rich data throw a light on your CEO’s capacity to strategize and lead.

Measure how organisational productivity is enhanced. Discover your CEO’s underlying potential to create value.

Key features


Use BoardClic data to put director performance into context. Establish an objective baseline and follow trend over time.

Interactive reports

Create intuitive reports to display a wide view or drill down in specific areas. The reports are available in the platform, but can also be shared as a PDF.

Ground-breaking content

Surveys are designed for your industry with formats based on your company structure. Choose from our best practice templates of customize your own.

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Why boards should evaluate their CEOs

Why boards should evaluate their CEOs

The CEO is the link between the top functions in an organisation – from the board of directors down through to the management team. His or her decisions resonate throughout the entire business. Hence, the importance of ensuring a strong and effective leadership from your chief executive cannot be stressed enough.

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Board of directors. Give your CEOs a hand, they’re only human after all

Board of directors. Give your CEOs a hand, they’re only human after all

The CEO is the centerpiece that connects the lower, mid and top tier of a business. It falls onto them to execute strategies and operations from a down-up and top-down perspective, comprising everything from boardwork to sales. Hence, chief executive officers are currently in the midst of having to deal with this “indirect stress” coming from the board, management and employees – as well as their own.

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