BoardClic for Company Secretaries

A modern way of elevating your board and mitigate administration overload

Access code-complaint evaluations with the click of a button. Combine high quality content with detailed reporting to deliver data driven insights for the Chair and stakeholders.

We know that your greatest focus is ensuring that you support the board in the right way to improve the broader results for the organization. As a high performing Company Secretary in today’s digital world, you can improve your effectiveness by using an analytics platform that is intuitive, creates impactful insights, and makes it easy for people to express their opinions. Maybe you have tried surveys with the board before but with no actionable results? Or maybe you are concerned about code compliance? Don’t worry. With us, you’re in safe hands.

With BoardClic, we offer you an evaluation approach where the results are analysed and presented in a clear, actionable way, and with benchmarks against industry competitors. Best of all? You will have instant access to best practice formats for you to get started right away.

Why BoardClic?

Using BoardClic as a Company Secretary comes with many benefits:

  • Streamline workflows and mitigate administration of the evaluation process.
  • Never again worry about your evaluation missing key aspects of the code.
  • Work with high-quality content and develop detailed reporting.
  • Deliver data driven insights for the Chair and stakeholders.
  • Develop a sustainable process that improves year on year.
  • Use the evaluation as a development, rather than a compliance exercise.

What our customers say

BoardClic offers a unique and easy-to-use solution, helping companies future-proof their corporate governance. But don’t take our word for it. Listen what our customers have to say about their experience using BoardClic.

If you want a board effectiveness review tool that is simple to use and gives you results that you can present to your stakeholders in a visually attractive fashion, at a price that makes sense, then BoardClic is for you.

Helen Hancock

Company Secretary, Bristol Water

We are delighted with the whole process of using BoardClic for our board evaluations. They are fast, efficient and provide us with fantastic insights into our board work.

Carla Smits-Nusteling

Chair, Tele2


Our most popular features for successful Company Secretaries.


Thoughtful content

Get started instantly and compile impactful answers with our best practice questions.

Plug and play formats

Don’t worry about tedious processes. We have formats ready so you can get started right away.

Interactive reports

After the survey, you can create intuitive, easy-to-understand reports to display for the stakeholders.

Request a demo

See if BoardClic is the perfect fit for you and your board. During the demo, you can ask us any questions you have, so you know you’re making a powerful, positive decision.