BoardClic for Chairs

Make impactful decisions and take your board to the next level

Use data to advance your leadership and watch your board excel. You’ll know exactly what to prioritise and what decisions to make.

Some of the greatest challenges you face as Chair are making sure the board is effective,  that the board members are engaged and the work is productive. Your board members also need to prioritise work that drives the company forward. With this great responsibility, you need to make sure you improve as a leader and make decisions that are impacting the board in a positive way.

By using BoardClic, you get a clear advantage in knowing what you need to do to excel. The results form an excellent basis for constructive discussions in your pursuit of strategic greatness. Turn decision-making into an informed process and generate value-creating insights, and watch your board excel.

Why BoardClic?

Using BoardClic as a Chair comes with several benefits and will help you with the following.

  • Build a foundation for sound corporate governance and craft the best team.
  • Improve alignment and transparency between the board and stakeholders.
  • Improve as a leader and generate clear feedback on your performance.
  • Turn data into insights to make smart, impactful decisions for the board and stakeholders.
  • Improve alignment and transparency between the board and stakeholders.
  • Establish a repeatable and smooth process with no hiccups.
  • Use benchmarks and strive for continuous improvement.

What our customers say

BoardClic offers a unique and easy-to-use analytics platform, helping companies future-proof their corporate governance. But don’t take our word for it. Listen what our customers have to say about their experience using BoardClic.

We are delighted with the whole process of using BoardClic for our board evaluations. They are fast, efficient and provide us with fantastic insights into our board work.

Carla Smits-Nusteling

Chair, Tele2

BoardClic allows us to generate value-creating insights that make decision-making an informed process.

Laurent Leksell

Chair, Elekta

BoardClic doesn’t just safeguard adherence to evolving governance requirements. Equally important, the results we get from our evaluation provide vital discussion material for our pursuit of strategic excellence.

Jan Samuelson

Chair, Stillfront


Our most popular features for successful Chairs.


Establish internal and external benchmarks, and use custom indexes throughout your portfolio.



Use insights to improve alignment between board and stakeholders, and identify important priorities.

Trend Reports

Follow trends over time and set your own baseline. Use continuous reports to keep improving.

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