BoardClic for Active Owners

Access first class feedback and create value across your portfolio

Use state of the art feedback to identify roadblocks to value-creation and drive best practices in your top team.

BoardClic has worked with a large number of Active Owners the last few years. One of their greatest challenges  has been to identify roadblocks standing in the way of value creation. They might be stopping your Board’s progress, and your Chair will have a hard time optimising the board’s success. Well, what if you could identify and eliminate those roadblocks, freeing your Chair and board to accelerate their productivity and success? 

Our profound and extensive experience working with active owners spans  a variety of sectors and geographies. Other PE Professionals love the fact that we deliver high quality feedback loops they can use to improve value creation. And by accessing our benchmarking data, our customers can look across their portfolios, identify areas of improvement and drive best practices. Intrigued? 

Why BoardClic?

Using BoardClic as an active owner comes with several benefits and will help you with the following.

  • Enable the chair to optimise board work and meet the expectations of the principal investor
  • Align the shareholders, board and the CEO
  • Create  state of the art feedback loops to improve value creation
  • Measure efficiency and alignment in the top team and go from instincts to fact
  • Relieve admin for the General Partner
  • Benchmark across the portfolio to drive best practice

What our customers say

BoardClic offers a unique and easy-to-use analytics platform, helping companies future-proof their corporate governance. But don’t take our word for it. Listen what our customers have to say about their experience using BoardClic.

BoardClic is a powerful catalyst to get a transparent and sound discussion going at the board level.

Patrik Tigerschiöld

Chair, Bure Equity

BoardClic helps me develop as a chair as we embark on an agenda of growth after implementing a new governance structure in our companies.

Lovisa Hamrin

Owner, Herenco


Our most popular features for successful active owners.


Establish internal and external benchmarks, and use custom indexes throughout your portfolio.


Identify obstacles, improve value creation, and enhance decision-making using high quality insights.



Assess alignment within the board, management team, and GP. Obtain a cohesive view on your top team.

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