Level up your board and CEO reviews with BoardClic’s new algorithm: Actionable Insights

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17 October, 2023
Product updates
Article by: BoardClic


The future of strategic board and executive reviews is here. Introducing BoardClic’s Actionable Insights — an advanced analytical algorithm that allows you to uncover areas of growth and improvement in your board’s performance. 

BoardClic’s latest release, the Actionable Insights algorithm, represents a substantial upgrade of the platform’s Executive Summary. This new algorithm leverages data from a multitude of sources, enabling a truly transformative approach that enables you to quickly unlock the full potential of your evaluation results in an easily understandable and actionable way. 


A tool to power action 

The Actionable Insights algorithm focuses on key areas for discussion and action. It assesses everything from score variations and benchmark disparities to alignment nuances and potential uncertainties or misalignment among evaluation participants. The results are presented in an easy-to-understand format, with priorities clearly ranked in descending order. This empowers you to direct your efforts toward the most critical matters and take action where it is needed most – no more time-consuming analysis or wasted time on low-priority items.


Say goodbye to guesswork!

With Actionable Insights’ precision-powered analysis and crystal-clear prioritisation, you can be confident that you are maximising the value of your  BoardClic evaluations. This algorithm will assist you in enhancing your performance, optimising your effectiveness, and ensuring your focus is directed toward what matters most for your board.


The best part?

This platform enhancement is already live, and you’ll find the new Actionable Insights algorithm in all of our evaluation reports for the board, management team and CEO.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. Already a BoardClic user? Explore your Actionable Insights the next time you conduct a review on our platform!