Introducing BoardClic’s biometric authentication feature

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21 August, 2023
Product updates
Article by: BoardClic


We are excited to introduce our new biometric authentication feature, now available to all BoardClic users. With this new feature, there’s no longer a need to  remember a username and password to access your BoardClic account. Instead, you can effortlessly sign in using a biometric ID such as TouchID, FaceID or Windows Hello.

The biometric authentication feature offers numerous benefits, including enhanced security, a faster and more convenient login process, and the elimination of the need to remember passwords. In practice, this means that you can use your unique biometric information to verify your identity and log in to your account, without relying on a password

Our biometric authentication feature, built upon the FIDO2 standard, represents  the latest and most secure login method – a collaborative effort involving  tech giants such as Google, Microsoft and Apple. By removing the necessity  for passwords, this new feature mitigates the risks of password breaches and phishing attacks and adds a layer of security to your BoardClic account.

Configuring this login method is simple and can be completed during the account registration process or through your account settings if you are an existing user. Whether on your phone, laptop, or via a USB passkey, setting up your biometric ID is a breeze. For added security, we recommend enabling biometric login on two devices.

We’re eager to receive your feedback on our new biometric authentication feature and hope it further enhances your experience with our service. Would you like to know more, please contact our customer support team. If you are already a customer you can explore our new biometric authentication feature in our platform.