BoardClic raises EUR 1.6 million for accelerated international growth

BoardClic is the leading digital platform for board and CEO evaluations. Our powerful digital platform allows boards to track performance, alignment and composition over time – enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve their full potential.

20 August, 2021
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Article by: Rasmus Hallgren

BoardClic, a Swedish company selling a SaaS-based product for digital board and management team evaluations, raises a total of EUR 1.6 million in a seed round led by Subvenio Invest. All existing owners such as Curitas Ventures, Brofund and the company’s founders also participate in the financing round.

Evaluations and analysis of boards and management teams have traditionally consisted of manual elements and consultant-heavy processes. The possibility of a transparent, automated and data-driven process has also been limited. In parallel with the current digitalisation trend, the demands on sound corporate governance and relevant competence of boards and management groups have increased, which has further raised the need of a modern digital evaluation process.

BoardClic sells a SaaS-based product for digital evaluations of boards and management teams. The solution enables BoardClic customers to conduct evaluations that are time and cost-efficient, documentable and transparent, as well as measurable and comparable both internally and externally. BoardClic’s ambition is to both simplify and improve evaluations of boards and management groups. By continuously measuring and analysing data, customers have the opportunity to compare and evaluate their results both internally over time as well as against relevant external companies. BoardClic’s product is a vital part of its customers achieving enhanced Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) compatibility. The product is sold via a subscription-based model where the customer and its users have unlimited access to the product.

BoardClic has now raised an additional EUR 1.6 million in a seed round. The capital will be used for continued investments in product development and to accelerate the company’s rapid expansion both in the Nordics and internationally.

– It has only been a matter of time until digitalisation and relevant data should enhance the board work. At BoardClic, we have made this happen, as we give boards an opportunity to focus on what is really important, and gain an understanding of how they can increase the degree of efficiency and value-creation. It is important to work regularly and frequently to analyse the board’s performance, in a time-efficient manner of course. With new capital, we look forward being able to meet the great demand we see globally even faster, says Monica Lagercrantz, founder and CEO of BoardClic.

BoardClic was founded in 2018 by Monica Lagercrantz, CEO, and Malin Lombardi, CPO. Since its product launch in 2019, BoardClic has built an impressive customer portfolio consisting of around 70 customers, including 3i, BGF, Bristol Water, Destiny Pharma, and Enquest. In addition, the company has a number of relevant partners, including collaborations with Grant Thornton UK, Admincontrol and StyrelseAkademien Stockholm.

– BoardClic has an exciting and attractive offering with a clearly defined product that creates real value for its customers at both a company and an owner level. The company’s offering ties in nicely with a number of fundamental drivers, including the strong digitalisation trend, increased ESG focus both from a regulatory and business-driven perspective, as well as a willingness among companies and their owners to improve and streamline processes at a board and management level. In three years, the company has successfully built an attractive product, attracted a strong customer portfolio and established a number of exciting collaborations. We are impressed with the team’s performance and look forward to supporting the company in its continued expansion, says Patrik Östersgård, Partner at Subvenio Invest.


Monica Lagercrantz, CEO BoardClic,, +46 70-606 63 64
Patrik Östersgård, Partner Subvenio Invest,, +46 70-815 87 54

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BoardClic is a SaaS company with a market-leading product that provides unrivalled benchmarking and qualitative insights on performance and transparency to align board and management teams. The company’s proprietary technology, enjoyed by some 70 customers across the world, is designed to help companies achieve board and management team excellence. The company was founded in 2018 by Monica Lagercrantz and Malin Lombardi and is headquartered in Stockholm with a local office in London. For more information, visit

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Rasmus Hallgren

Rasmus Hallgren

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