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The smart way to collect instant board feedback

In the current environment, real-time feedback on the effectiveness of board and committee meetings can be critical in optimising impact. Together with BoardClic, Grant Thornton are providing a free, quick and secure way to collect feedback after board and committee meetings, identifying the meeting’s strong points and development areas. Used regularly, outputs underpin a board culture of continuous improvement that generates meeting efficiency and trust among members.

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Grant Thornton

Collect real-time feedback - it's all digital

BoardClic Meeting Express is your stable feedback loop. It simplifies communication and promotes board-meeting transparency. Instant results and real-time reports let you collect crucial feedback right after meetings.

Identify strong and weak points

Instantly discover how your board meetings or your leadership skills can be enhanced. Where do you excel and where can you improve? This tool gives you the insights and facts you need to build discussions that matter.

Get more effective at your board meetings

Time during board meetings is scarce. It’s always surprisingly tricky to stick to the agenda and make good use of every minute. BoardClic gives you a streamlined process that lets you optimise your workload.

Grant Thornton

About Grant Thornton

Our association with BoardClic enhances our governance offerings and unique benchmarking platform for clients with a scientific analytical development tool which leverages BoardClic’s technology and leadership expertise to support boards in enhancing their performance.  Our combined governance and board advisory team brings a wealth of experience from its years of research on applied governance practices through to the practical governance and leadership recruitment experience which includes business psychologists, executive coaches, leadership development specialists and academic researchers.

At Grant Thornton, we support organisations in shaping fit-for-purpose governance structures that build trust and integrity with stakeholders; ensure dynamic performance through leadership for the future; and create environments in which their people and operations can thrive.

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