BoardClic Board Member Recognized in Global Modern Governance Top-100 List

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14 September, 2022
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Article by: BoardClic

BoardClic is proud to announce that board member Liselotte Hägertz Engstam was recognized in the annual global Modern Governance top-100 list and the ESG, Diversity & Climate Trailblazer category by a global jury of industry experts.

In its citation, the panel acknowledged Hägertz Engstam’s outstanding commitment to increase diversity and operationalize ESG in all her roles.

“As a recipient of the ESG, Diversity & Climate Trailblazer category, our panel of expert judges have recognized your outstanding work to put initiatives in place to measure and report on ESG in a meaningful way, helping organizations to do better and to hold them to account to stakeholders, communities and the planet.”

BoardClic wholeheartedly believes that progress in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) is a prerequisite to be a more innovative, dynamic, and successful company and is proud to have a champion of inclusion, diversity and sustainability at our board.

”I am truly honored to be recognized among many ambitious governance leaders and grateful to all board colleagues and employees joining me on this ambitious journey. Proud that we creatively continue to increase value creation for our organizations, the planet, and our future.” says Hägertz Engstam.

Hägertz Engstam is chairwomen and founder of Boards Impact Forum, the Nordic Chapter of the Climate Governance Initiative in collaboration with the World Economic Forum. She is also an author, and the founder of Digoshen, which facilitates academic research and enables global board network exchanges.

Facilitated by SaaS Governance Risk and Compliance provider Diligent, the Modern Governance 100 recognizes ESG and GRC leaders for exemplifying purpose-driven transformation. Hägertz Engstam’s engagements include her role as board member at BoardClic and independent directorships at listed and private companies in several countries.

“All colleagues at BoardClic offer our warmest congratulations to Liselotte. ESG, Diversity, and Climate are megatrends in governance and vital when developing modern, sustainable companies. BoardClic’s platform is designed to support this and I am proud that Liselotte is at our board. Her international ESG efforts and knowledge are an inspiration to all of us,” says Monica Lagercrantz, CEO and founder, BoardClic.

BoardClic’s vision is a sustainable future for people, business and society. Over the past decade, ESG has become increasingly important in the financial services industry, not only to comply with increasing regulation, but as a means to promote more sustainable alternatives when, for instance, making investment decisions. BoardClic supports clients to build governance models and risk measurement systems that really tackle ESG perspectives.


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