PZ Cussons: Customer Story

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24 October, 2023
Customer story
Article by: BoardClic

 “We used the external review to think a bit more about board composition and what changes might be made. It was helpful for me before we made those decisions to be able to read the temperature from the information coming from the process.”

David Tyler, Chairman, PZ Cussons


PZ Cussons is a FTSE250-listed consumer goods business, headquartered in Manchester. For nearly 140 years, PZ Cussons has created products to delight, care for and nourish consumers. Across its hygiene, baby and beauty, the company’s trusted and well-loved brands include Carex, Childs Farm, Morning Fresh and St.Tropez.


Elevating the external board review for PZ Cussons, a UK listed company with a legacy in creating loved household brands globally.


BoardClic forged an alliance with Board Intelligence and external expert Alison Purdue to make their external board review successful.


A seamless, efficient, and comprehensive process enhanced PZ Cussons’ strategic oversight and governance.

  • Partnership foundation: BoardClic provided the data and insight using its digital platform and Board Intelligence reviewed and benchmarked the board and committee documents. Alison Purdue and Malin Lombardi provided strategic oversight. This review took weeks, not months as in a traditional process, to build a foundation for board discussions and action points.
  • Streamlined process: PZ Cussons’ Chairman, David Tyler, lauded the process as being both “seamless and efficient,” and appreciated the tailored question suite offered by BoardClic’s platform. The process will provide comparative insights over time but also facilitated transparent, relationship-enhancing board discussions.
  • Ensuring progress: The data from BoardClic’s platform and Board Intelligence’s document review became the source for one-on-one interviews with board members and informed discussions at board meetings.
  • Versatile expertise: Tyler emphasised the unique attributes each collaborator brought to the table. Tyler doesn’t hesitate to recommend BoardClic’s process to listed UK companies.

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