Persimmon: Customer story

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3 October, 2023
Customer story
Article by: BoardClic

 “In our quest to constantly improve board reviews at Persimmon, we believe they’re more than just a tick-box exercise. Using innovative technology has made the review process straightforward, letting us focus on actionable insights rather than paperwork. BoardClic has saved us significant time. Also, we value the anonymity the platform provides because it encourages honest feedback from board members.”

– Tracy Davison, Company Secretary, Persimmon



Building over 13,500 beautifully-designed new homes a year in more than 350 prime locations nationwide, Persimmon is proud to be one of the UK’s most successful housebuilders, committed to the highest standards of design, construction and service.



Tracy Davison, Company Secretary of Persimmon, recognised the need to modernise and streamline the homebuilder’s board and committee reviews. Over her seven-year tenure, Davison saw an evolution of reviews and advocated progressing from a routine compliance exercise to a genuinely innovative solution. Persimmon’s traditional, manual paper-based process was labour-intensive. It also lacked real anonymity, potentially affecting the honesty of feedback.



In its quest for efficiency, Persimmon was introduced to BoardClic through Grant Thornton UK, which carried out a review backed by the digital platform. After the external review, the homebuilder used the platform for an internal review, finding great value in BoardClic’s user-friendly interface and time-saving qualities. The ability to maintain real anonymity during reviews is a key feature, as is benchmarking against other leading businesses and the continuous updates of best-practice questions that BoardClic provides. 



BoardClic’s platform has made Persimmon’s decision-making process more efficient:

  • It efficiently informed directors’ training needs and helped identify strategic attention areas.
  • BoardClic also provided industry benchmarks. These comparative data points gave Persimmon an external reference to measure their own progress and performance against.
  • Persimmon appreciates the ease of use, regular updates and the commitment to improving the platform that BoardClic manifests.

  • This successful partnership with BoardClic illustrates the positive impact of digital transformation on board reviews.


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