Fortinova: Customer story

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27 April, 2023
Customer story
Article by: BoardClic

“One thing that stood out to me was the support and service we received. We work with several suppliers and our experience of BoardClic was definitely an A+. The customer success team helped us with everything from setup to follow-up and it felt very professional.”

–Anders Johansson, CEO of Fortinova.



Fortinova has a big heart and a big vision—to be Western Sweden’s most prominent residential real estate company. Its strategy isn’t all about acquiring property and business growth. It’s much more about people and the environment and building and maintaining strong relationships with tenants and local businesses.



After Fortinova made its debut on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market in 2020, it gained 5,000 new shareholders. It also had to attend to a number of new challenges, including a requirement to implement a structured board-evaluation process. The problem was that Fortinova had never conducted a board evaluation before and didn’t want to spend a lot of time doing so.



BoardClic’s Board Evaluation product provided immediate and actionable steps for Fortinova. The results were detailed enough to offer specific insights that align with Fortinova goals and values, but general enough to be executed efficiently. As a company focused on sustainability, it found additional value in how BoardClic helps identify important issues in that area.



  • Easy-to-use digital solution lets Fortinova conduct fast and easy board evaluations, while gaining powerful insights.
  • Efficient and actionable steps for a newly listed company unfamiliar with the board evaluation process.
  • Fortinova’s board can pinpoint discussion topics that it wasn’t previously aware of.
  • BoardClic helps identify areas where Fortinova’s board is aligned, but needs some clarity and fine-tuning.



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