Eastnine: Customer story

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11 October, 2023
Customer story
Article by: BoardClic

 “BoardClic’s ESG Maturity Assessment helped us elevate our sustainability discussions to the board, transforming them into actionable initiatives rather than just agenda items. The platform’s comments feature gives each board member a voice, which fosters a harmonised vision for our initiatives.”

– Lilia Kouzmina, Head of Sustainability, Eastnine



Eastnine is reshaping the concept of sustainable and modern office and logistics spaces in Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. With sustainability at the heart of its strategy, Eastnine drives sustainable impact in the real estate sector.



Eastnine had challenges in effectively communicating and aligning the board on its sustainability goals. Clear, structured, and actionable conversations at the company’s top level are critical in moving their green initiatives forward.



BoardClic’s ESG Maturity Assessment powered structured and insightful sustainability dialogue at Eastnine. The platform lets all board members share their thoughts on management’s approach to ESG. The feedback from individual board members resulted in comprehensive and actionable sustainability discussions.



Enhancements in Eastnine’s sustainability alignment and strategy formulation:

  • Enhanced board conversations: BoardClic’s platform lets Eastnine turn board-level conversations into real, actionable sustainability initiatives.
  • Informed decision-making: BoardClic’s assessments empowered Eastnine to refine its yearly sustainability reporting, ensuring transparency aligned with that of industry peers. 
  • Strategic alignment: The platform fosters a shared vision and strategic approach to ESG between management and the board.
  • Continuous improvement: BoardClic’s ESG Maturity Assessment helps ensure that Eastnine’s initiatives stay dynamic.

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