BabyBjörn: Customer story

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15 June, 2023
Customer story
Article by: BoardClic

“BoardClic’s platform has been invaluable in structuring our board and CEO evaluations. The thoroughness of the questions, the easy-to-use interface, and the ability to benchmark ourselves with others makes everything smoother and more efficient. I particularly appreciate the way it ties the board evaluation and the CEO evaluation together. It just brings a whole new level of transparency and trust into the equation.”

– Michael Berg, Chairman, BabyBjörn



BabyBjörn is a Swedish family-owned company, born in 1961. The company is passionate about creating safe, quality products that simplify everyday life for families. BabyBjörn is famous worldwide for its baby carriers and bouncers and the product range includes and a variety of sleep, kitchen, and bathroom products for infants.



Despite its commitment to quality and innovation in its products, BabyBjörn’s board and CEO evaluation processes remained traditional. They used Excel sheets, which required more work and lacked the depth of well-researched questions and the ease of use of a digital platform.



BoardClic’s two core products, Board Evaluation and CEO Evaluation, revolutionised BabyBjörn’s processes. The natural addition of a CEO evaluation provided a 360 view of the CEO’s performance, improving the confidence of board members in their decisions without generating unwarranted insecurity.



BabyBjörn experienced significant improvements in their board and CEO evaluation processes:

  • The platform’s easy-to-use interface and time-saving capabilities resulted in more efficient and effective evaluations.
  • Benchmarking against other companies provided valuable insight and perspective.
  • BoardClic’s CEO Evaluation enriched board discussions and decision-making, fostering an informed understanding of the CEO’s day-to-day activities.
  • Regularity in evaluations are facilitating a natural, organic process, nurturing a culture of continuous improvement at BabyBjörn.


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