Webinar: BoardClic’s ESG Maturity Assessment

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9 June, 2022
Article by: BoardClic
Does your Board understand the demands driving it’s ESG agenda? Do you understand key stakeholders’ expectations – today and in the future?
BoardClic’s new ESG Maturity Assessment gives you a quick and effective way to assess your current ESG alignment within the Board and C-suite. This will make you aware of the activities required to achieve a transition to a sustainable future.

The BoardClic ESG Maturity Assessment;

  • Is designed to evaluate the degree of alignment within the Board and C-suite.
  • Identifies areas for development on ESG issues at Board level.
  • Is crafted by the regulatory expertise of our ESG experts augmented by BoardClic’s bespoke ESG analytics platform.
Check out our webinar regarding BoardClic’s ESG Maturity Assessment to find out more.