Italian aerospace group Avio partners with BoardClic for data-driven board evaluations

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15 May, 2023
Client announcement
Article by: BoardClic

Leading international aerospace group Avio has selected BoardClic as its partner for digital board evaluations. With BoardClic, Avio can conduct comprehensive, data-driven and objective performance and effectiveness assessments of its board and board of directors. BoardClic allows Avio to track and monitor board alignment and composition over time, enabling the Italian aerospace group’s board to make informed decisions based on actionable insights.


“We are delighted to partner with BoardClic and leverage their expertise to enhance our board evaluation process. Avio’s corporate governance structure emphasises transparency and compliance, and BoardClic is helping us achieve these goals by providing a clear, data-driven and objective process for evaluating our board’s performance. With BoardClic’s actionable insights, we can track our progress over time and ensure that we continue to meet our high standards for corporate governance”, said Roberto Italia, Chairman of the Board of Avio.


Avio is a leading international aerospace group that designs, develops, produces and integrates space launchers. Avio is also involved in the development and production of solid and liquid fuel propulsion systems and payload adapters, and has a leading position in research and development of new materials and equipment for space applications. Founded in 1908 and headquartered in Rome, Avio operates in Italy, France, and French Guyana and has over 1 200 employees.


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