How BoardClic is helping Private Equity Firms Build Better Companies

BoardClic is the leading digital platform for board and CEO evaluations. Our powerful digital platform allows boards to track performance, alignment and composition over time – enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve their full potential.

20 September, 2019
Article by: BoardClic

“Working closely with private equity firms also implies working closely with their agenda and ambitions for the companies they invest in.”

The BoardClic team has an in-depth experience of working with principal investment-teams and the private equity community on a global scale. Many of the world’s top tier private equity firms have been clients to the founders in CEO- and board-related matters. BoardClic is actually built with this particular community in mind.

BoardClic acknowledges that principal investors have a clear mission, vision and ambition with the investments in each portfolio company. Either there is a turnaround, high growth or fix-and-expand on the agenda, the mind-set to efficiently drive value creation and develop the company into a successful and sustainable organisation.

Working closely with investors, BoardClic understands their quantitative and analytical perspective – in short, the strong focus on measurable data and also that these firms only accept the best tools to be used for their industrial, strategic and operational toolbox. All with the mission to create an enduring value.

Monica Lagercrantz, CEO & Founder of BoardClic, explains;

“I have been working with the private equity sector since 1998 and have done an extensive number of CEO- and board recruitment in this space. I realized early on that there is a missing link in the process. I have seen that so much time, money and energy go into finding the right individuals for the board room and filling the position of CEO, but not nearly enough into following up with their work and getting under skin of the ones actually supposed to DO the very transformation, i.e. people. Most follow up is about financial ROI. I have heard so many comments from CEOs about how the board could improve in their eyes, but seldom this is brought to the attention of the shareholders, i.e. PE firm.

The BoardClic founders decided to put their collective experience and intelligence from 20+ years of board- and corporate governance work into a digital toolbox, with the goal of helping establishing alignment, transparency and ultimately shareholder- and stakeholder value. The result was creation of BoardClic – a digital, analytics driven tool that is user-friendly, cost- and time efficient, putting a spotlight on non-alignment between shareholders, board and senior management and actionable insights.

Private equity firms that are looking for digital standardized tools that can be used across the portfolio benefit from using a standardized tool like BoardClic to track differences and non-alignment.

Monica Lagercrantz, CEO & Founder of BoardClic, adds;

“Speaking from personal experience, that even when an individual is part of the board, they cannot fully understand the prioritization of other people, e.g. the CEO. On various occasions, I have witnessed CEOs mention how they couldn’t get as much value out of the board as they had expected, despite that each person is highly competent. It is not just that the board gets value out of the CEO, but a qualified CEO expects the board to be more effective and value creating too.”

Together with research from KTH Royal Institute of Technology around innovation and the board’s role, along with scientific analysis of its content, BoardClic has perfected its process of delivering a data-driven and fact-based result. BoardClic’s intelligent questionnaire gets under the skin of participants and unlocks information that could be surprising.

BoardClic believes that in order to have an efficient and high-quality board work, there are certain values that are more important than others. With BoardClic’s actionable insights, the private equity firms can benchmark their portfolios on various indexes, e.g. “Decision Making”, “Strategy” or the overall BoardClic IndexTM. There are various indexes for specific roles and the value it brings can be measured year after year. And measurement with objective criteria is the best way for the private equity firms to build better and sustainable companies in the long run.