FSN promotes growth, integrity – and people – with BoardClic

BoardClic is the leading digital platform for board and CEO evaluations. Our powerful digital platform allows boards to track performance, alignment and composition over time – enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve their full potential.

3 May, 2023
Article by: BoardClic

FSN Capitals’s business approach is structured and data-driven – and its board evaluation process is no exception.

Since 1999, this leading Northern Europe private equity firm specialises in supporting growth-oriented companies to become more global, competitive and sustainable. FSN’s core ethos drives what they do: “We are decent people making a decent return in a decent way.”

However, building a comprehensive evaluation report for supervisory boards for 27 portfolio companies was cumbersome. Each team conducted their own process. Inefficient. Making aggregating meaningful results difficult. FSN’s solution brought the same structure and integrity to their board evaluations that define everything they do.

BoardClic’s platform provides data-driven questions and makes it easier for team members to respond, leading to tangible results. Crucially, FSN receives reports that cover all its companies, letting them compare and highlight addressable issues.

With an intuitive platform, FSN gets detailed feedback on issues that directly impact their business. It allows them to set internal benchmarks that they couldn’t before. Portfolio-company entrepreneurs are particularly pleased that board evaluations are intuitive and match the sophistication of their other digital systems, while being easy and quick to set up.

Implementing BoardClic’s platform has encouraged FSN’s seminal feedback culture. FSN can now access granular information daily and compile it into annual reports. Data connects to FSN’s annual portfolio committee, making reports more cross-functional.

FSN has three core values: a growth mindset, a dedication to integrity, and a promise to always put their teams first. This commitment also extends to the environment and their social impact. BoardClic’s platform supports these values: growth requires feedback; integrity requires transparency and clear documentation; a team-first approach requires respecting their time with an easy and efficient evaluation process.

Read more about how FSN Capital harnessed the power of BoardClic to improve their feedback culture and set internal benchmarks in this customer story, or talk to one of our experts today to learn how we can help you gain data-driven insights that align with your values.