Developing a green future in real estate: Eastnine and BoardClic’s sustainability journey

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11 October, 2023
Article by: BoardClic


Lilia Kouzmina, the driving force behind Eastnine’s green initiatives, believes in clear, insightful reporting to keep her board informed and engaged with the Swedish real-estate company’s sustainability goals.

With help from BoardClic’s ESG Maturity Assessment, Eastnine has turned sustainability conversations into real discussion at the board level, rather than just items on a meeting agenda. Kouzmina liked how BoardClic’s platform creates an environment where individual board members can voice their thoughts on how management is tackling ESG, fostering a shared vision.

“It’s important to have health checks from time to time,” says Kouzmina. “Not everyone gets to voice their opinion at every board meeting, but with the comments on BoardClic’s platform all directors can evaluate how well management tackles these issues.”


Spotlighting potential

In today’s world, a solid ESG strategy is a must-have. BoardClic’s ESG Maturity Assessment helps companies spotlight their potential, align their green efforts, meet the top reporting standards, and highlight sustainable business opportunities.

Eastnine uses the insights from BoardClic’s assessments to verify their annual sustainability reporting. For example, as a result of the review, Eastnine concluded some adjustments were needed in how it communicated the results of the annual materiality analysis review to the board. New routines had to be created to ensure that insights from stakeholder interactions could be duly reflected in the management reporting to the board.

“We need to understand whether the way we’re reporting gets the board the facts it requires,” says Kouzmina. “We need feedback on whether our system is sufficient or if we must dive deeper into certain issues, and on how well we’re conveying these critical issues to the board.”


Comprehensive, not overwhelming

Kouzmina, who also has used the BoardClic platform’s CEO review in her role as a senior manager, says the ESG Maturity Assessment was comprehensive enough to be a real help without being overwhelming to board members.

Eastnine, which owns modern offices in Poland and the Baltics, plans to revisit BoardClic’s ESG Maturity Assessment every couple of years to track their progress. The journey’s looking green and promising!

Read more about how Eastnine navigates a green future with BoardClic in this customer story, or talk to one of our experts today to learn how we can help you turn board-level conversations into real, actionable sustainability initiatives.