BabyBjörn takes big leap in board and CEO evaluations with BoardClic

BoardClic is the leading digital platform for board and CEO evaluations. Our powerful digital platform allows boards to track performance, alignment and composition over time – enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve their full potential.

15 June, 2023
Article by: BoardClic

In the bustling world of business, managing board and CEO evaluations can seem arduous. Picture the scenario—it’s another busy day at the office, annual evaluations are due soon, and all you’ve got is an unwieldy Excel spreadsheet.

This was precisely the situation that BabyBjörn Chairman Michael Berg found himself in not long ago. Renowned globally for its high-quality baby products, BabyBjörn had relied on traditional evaluation methods that weren’t user-friendly and ate too much time. Enter the digital evaluation platform that revolutionised BabyBjörn’s approach—BoardClic.

Berg doesn’t remember the exact circumstances that led him to BoardClic, but he recognised the platform’s value straightaway. Swapping laborious spreadsheets and generic questions borrowed from the Internet for an intuitive platform with well-researched, insightful questions was an immediate upgrade.


Collective review

Board meetings at BabyBjörn saw a significant transformation: the annual board evaluation morphed into a constructive, team-focused exercise. All members engaged in the process, collectively reviewing the results, followed by in-depth discussions.

BoardClic’s benefits extend beyond board evaluations, though. The platform’s CEO Evaluation, used concurrently with board evaluations, provided directors with a clearer, 360-degree picture of the CEO’s daily tasks and responsibilities. Rather than just the board’s impressions, the evaluation also includes input from senior management and the CEO’s own performance assessment.

In Berg’s experience, combining the two evaluations is what really amplifies the power of the platform. Additionally, BoardClic’s benchmarking feature lets BabyBjörn compare its performance with that of other companies. This is particularly valuable to a family-owned business.


Streamlined process

Berg is a steadfast advocate, and has already recommended BoardClic’s platform to other companies. The benefits that a digital evaluation platform like BoardClic offers, he believes, far surpass the investment involved. The platform offers an easier workflow, deeper insights, and overall, a streamlined evaluation process that keeps generating value year after year.

If a successful, family-owned business like BabyBjörn can derive substantial benefits from a digital platform that combines a board evaluation with a 360-degree assessment of the CEO, it’s likely that your company can, too.

Read more about how BoardClic’s Board Evaluation and CEO Evaluation revolutionised BabyBjörn’s performance review processes in this customer story, or talk to one of our experts today.