About Us

BoardClic was founded by Monica Lagercrantz and Malin Lombardi in 2018, after decades of advising shareholders and board members in top companies. Actionable insights and benchmarking give boards a commercial edge and drive progress.


To help companies make better choices by providing actionable insights based on data-driven and cost-effective evaluations of top corporate functions; to establish top-team alignment; and to bring transparency into corporate governance.


Our vision is to make transparency and sound corporate governance available to all organisations – irrespective of size, industry or ownership structure.

Our Values

We work hard to build a culture that inspires others to improve theirs.


Innovation requires creativity and courage to think beyond. Courage to continuously challenge status quo, aim for the stars, sometimes stumble and fall but then hit harder next time.


Our recommendations are solid and based on experience and science. We stand by our insights and continuously, and relentlessly, improve their quality and accuracy.


The more transparency between people, the better is the flow of ideas, knowledge and relations – and ultimately the commitment to reaching business objectives.


We believe that working with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and thinking styles helps our people grow into better professionals and leaders.

Keep it simple

Value-creation and complexity don’t need to go hand in hand. We believe that the simplest and easy-to-use products can create immense value if designed the right way.